Until 30th April 2021, businesses can receive up to £3,000 to hire a new apprentices with up to 100% of their apprenticeship trainings to be fully-funded.

There are many advantages for businesses to hire an apprentice:

  • Tailored to your business needs
  • Motivated to learn new skills
  • Help expand and upskill your workforce
  • Positive Long-term development
  • Aid staff retention
  • Groom to be a future successor
To find out more on how to recruit an apprentice or learn more about our apprenticeship trainings, email us at apprentice@kbmgroup.co.uk or contact us directly at 020 3621 6315

With 35 years of service excellence, our difference as a Training Provider is that we are also a company of Chartered Certified Accounting & Registered Auditors, and as well a Digital Media & Marketing Agency. In 2020 alone, KBM has trained over a thousand learners of different levels, and helped 819 candidates land a role relevant to their training.

KBM is a national apprenticeship training provider (UKPRN #10045412), specialising in Accounting and Digital Marketing, providing free recruitment services to match the best candidates from our pool of pre-trained learners. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect apprentice, job-ready from day one.

“We are dedicated to bridging the gaps in academics through practical training, delivered by our qualified professionals, to equip our learners with the right skills and knowledge to progress in their career.” Salman Khan, CEO.