What is Marketing?

Marketing is promoting your product to persuade clients to buy what you are selling. To market your products you need to think of who it’s targeted towards, why it’s suitable for them and how you are going to persuade the consumers of purchasing your product. Marketing includes advertising, social media, sales, and how products are presented, anything that satisfies your consumers into buying is marketing.

How to Market

Before you start selling your products you must do your full research and test them for your consumers. Then the information in your research will help you advertise your products. To advertise you will need to make a suitable campaign that will attract your customers and you can do this by promoting your brand on social media platforms, newspapers or blogs. After this, you will have to decide where and how you are going to sell your products, so will you sell them online, instore, by a paid partnership or social media.

There are different types of marketing and some of these are, email marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, SEO marketing and Youtube marketing. You will have to decide which form of marketing will be most beneficial to you.

Email Marketing is when you subscribe to a website notification and they send you coupons, sales, seasonal offers and such. This is effective because it shows loyalty to a branch/brand and they will keep the engagement ongoing.

Social Media Marketing is promoting your products on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. This is effective as anyone who is specifically looking for similar products you sell. Using hashtags will generate traffic onto your product as it will end up of their discover page when they are looking to buy.

Marketing plans

Doing Marketing courses will develop your understanding of selling your products by advertising them on social media.

Marketing begins with your idea of a product and it will continue to develop until it is in the hands of a buyer. Even after a customer buys your product, your marketing shouldn't end there, continuing to advertise will target new customers as your previous customers will remain loyal to your products. By creating more advertisements for your products you can gain a more diverse community and more loyal products.

Sales Pipeline for Marketing.

You can use sales pipeline to help promote your brand. Sales Pipeline is the process of customers journey of buying and viewing your products. The four key elements are Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action. Sales Pipeline is used to see how much income you make by promoting your products for people to buy and how you reach your target sales. By keeping a record of the algorithm of your products you can see the traffic of target audiences and target sales, it’s the process of finding a new lead and to make them a customer.

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