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KBM Media School believes in providing practical industry oriented Vocational Courses in Graphic Design, Photoshop, Web Marketing, SEO and Information Technology (I.T). The courses are compatible with the past work experiences or the study path of the students. We believe in trainings, having an important role, as they bring many different kinds of benefits to students at different levels. KBM Media School strongly focuses on enhancing the students’ knowledge, skills and competencies. The school ensures that ability is not just what you know, but also knowing how to use what you know.

Our Vocational Courses also allow our students to gain some official certificates such as the ECDL European Computer Driving License (testing done in cooperation with recognized testing centers in UK and in other EU destinations). You may also try the free online exams of Google such as Certification for AdWords and Google Analytics (our courses will provide our students with a very practical training about these two tools to be used for Web and Online Marketing).

KBM Media School also provides all students with the possibility of practical training in a real work environment. At the end of the course with us, all our VET Learners can benefit from work experience within one of the companies of KBM Group, so they can practice what was learnt during the classes.

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Benefits You Get from KBM Media School:
  • To prepare you for a vocation or a specialized occupation
  • To help improve your career and job prospects
  • To ensure to enhance your credentials: An advantage over those who simply claim to have them.
  • To help increase your value to employers and compete yourself in fast paced environment
  • To solidify core concepts: Learning from professional experts can help solidify the core fundamentals
  • To help boost your confidence: Learning new skills can be an empowering experience; the courses can increase your confidence as you set new goals.

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