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Apprenticeship for your company

KBM is a registered apprenticeship training provider (RoATP) specializing in digital marketing and accountancy apprenticeships with a track record of maximizing ROI for both levy paying and non-levy paying employers.


Apprenticeships are a great way to tailor an employee’s skillsets to meet the demands of your business. Having apprentices are also a clear indicator to your stakeholders that you care about training, development and career progression of your employees.

KBM now offers fully-funded trainings for SMEs through our partnership with London Progression Collaboration in support of reskilling the recovery from the impact of Covid-19. Your existing employees may also qualify to our funded-trainings.

KBM will be able to provide trainings for the following apprenticeships:

  • Digital Marketing (Level 3)
  • Assistant Accountant (Level 3)
  • Junior Content Producer (Level 3)
  • Digital Community Manager (Level 4)
  • Accounts/Finance Assistant (Level 2)
  • Professional Accounting/ Tax Technician (Level 4)

If you are interested to find out more about how an apprentice can help your company, contact our apprenticeships team at Alternatively, speak with our team directly at 0203 621 6315.

Benefits of Hiring an Apprentice with KBM

Until 31st March 2021, with every new hire of apprentices, companies may be eligible to receive incentives of up to £3,000 which can be used to cover setups costs or to invest toward the business. It also reduce risks when recruiting new employees, ensuring your staff will have the right skills and pre-employment training.

  • 86% of employers said apprenticeships developed skills relevant to their organisation and 78% reported improved productivity
  • 90% of apprentices stay on in their place of work after completing an apprenticeship
  • you can adapt the training your apprentice receives according to the needs of your organisation
  • an apprenticeship allows you to diversify and freshen up your workforce
  • you can employ an apprentice who's aged 16 up to any age and from any background

Upskill your Existing Workforce

In the current economic climate, utilising the apprenticeship training is a cost effective way to increase the skills of your workforce with government funded trainings to a nationally recognised standard. Enquire with us to see if your existing employees are eligible to receive our funded trainings.

Funded-trainings for Furloughed Employees

With millions of jobs on furlough, employers can take this opportunity to upskill their employees with fully-funded apprenticeship trainings. This benefits both employer and employees, to improve talents of the workforce to stay relevant and competitive in the market.

To find out how your company can benefit from the funded-training programs, to contact our apprenticeship team today.

Why KBM Apprenticeships?

As a national apprenticeship training provider (UKPRN #10045412), KBM specialises in delivering Digital Marketing and Accountancy apprenticeship trainings, and provide free recruitment services to match the best candidates from our pool of pre-trained learners. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect apprentice, job ready from day one.

Feedback from employers we work with

  • 81% said employing an apprentice generated higher overall productivity for their business.
  • 92% said apprenticeships led to staff being more motivated and increased job satisfaction.
  • 74% said apprenticeships tend to have greater loyalty to the business and remain with them longer than other employees.
  • "We get more from our business as a result of having an apprentice as part of our team."
  • "Apprentices have a positive impact on people carrying work and doing a good job for us."
  • "Employing apprentices gives us an advantage over our competitors"

Recruit an Apprentice

Contact us for advice and guidance on co-investment and additional financial incentives available.

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