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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) training with Work Placement

We have been actively contributing to digital marketing training delivery over the decades. As a result, KBM Media Solutions has become a centre of excellence for digital and social media marketing. We have prepared competent digital marketers in diverse sectors.

Our practical training course will help you learn about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a core digital marketing component. It improves web traffic quality and quantity to a website or web page from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc., and it attracts internet users to visit a website. 

What is SEO?

It is an essential part of digital marketing, which has a tremendous role in these modern times. Today, businesses need reviews, testimonials, and an online presence, which are essential marketing ingredients of this modern business world. 

It is a workable and straightforward source that helps spreads product and services awareness. It, of course, leads to get a boost in sales. Smart devices have a significant contribution to digital marketing. Hence, in this digital age, online marketing is now an essential demand for businesses worldwide.

Search engine optimisation is essentially a necessary and one of the main fundamentals of digital marketing. The aspects of SEO include:

  • Research: It includes keyword searching, competitor analysis, business research, current state assessment, and 
  • SEO strategy and planning: This is another significant aspect of content handling, link building, social media presence management and technical implementation strategies.
  • Implementation: It includes marketing strategy implementation on website pages and whole website execution.
  • Monitoring: This plays a significant role in the process. It monitors search engine rankings, web spiders, traffic, and other metrics. Further, it produces monitoring reports, which help in performing the correct assessment. 
  • Assessment: It provides the summarised effects of SEO strategy implementation against the optimisation targets.
  • Maintenance: This aspect covers minor and significant issues with the website's operation. It helps handle issues and problems when they occur. For example, new content requires optimisation as per your SEO strategy.

The optimisation process mainly targets organic links and search engine results, and you can further complement it by more aggressive measures like paid search ads and traditional marketing campaigns. Proper SEO tools also help do this, and you will learn about SEO tools and the world of SEO while training at KBM.

SEO course suitability

You can achieve SEO certification via our online SEO courses. We will help you learn the techniques to boost search engine rankings, and it helps in maximising organic traffic. The process measures SEO strategy effectiveness with various analytics besides using Google Ads. This course is ideally suitable for those people who:

  • has some relevant background want to enhance their SEO skills to gain competence
  • have A-levels
  • have a degree
  • want to improve their digital and social media marketing career prospects 
  • want a career in digital marketing
  • are beginners 
  • are digital marketers want to upskill themselves
  • professionals using SEO marketing
  • are business owners 
  • want to drive more web traffic to their website or blog
  • are freelancers wish to make more clients

SEO course overview

KBM practical SEO training will focus on optimising website content to rank higher in search engine results. We will help you learn Google SEO and other search engine algorithms. 

You get knowledge and skills about the right digital strategies vital for every business growth and innovation in this digital era. These skills will give you an extra edge while pursuing a career in disciplines like:

  • Digital marketing
  • Online content development
  • On-page and off-page optimisation
  • Optimising for local and international target audiences
  • Search-focused website auditing
  • Aligning SEO with marketing strategies
  • Search engine algorithms
  • SEO tools
  • SEO strategy
  • Link building
  • Organic search traffic
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Search engine optimisation copywriting training
  • Keyword research training

Duration and flexible course delivery

The course is flexible with 40 hours of learning time, and you will complete it at your speed in 2 months. You are open to choose whether classroom or online learning option. 

Our virtual classroom provides an effective learning outcome, and it helps in real-time interaction with your tutors and classmates.

Further, we have industry experts online programme, which provides face-to-face engagement with our experienced marketing team. 

Job roles after SEO certification

The SEO certification will provide you with knowledge and skills of SEO processes and boost your CV. On the other hand, it will build the foundations you need to progress in your digital marketing career. It will give you an extra and help you stand out from the crowd while competing for a job. The course will provide you with high confidence to perform independently. 

The SEO jobs include:

  • Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Account manager
  • Executive
  • Analyst
  • Account director
  • Senior executive
  • Senior specialist
  • Technical specialist

You can also pursue the following jobs:

  • Digital marketing manager
  • Ecommerce manager
  • Content editor
  • Digital analyst
  • Content head
  • Content strategist
  • Digital planning manager
  • Assistant digital marketing manager
  • Digital marketing executive
  • Web editor
  • Group marketing manager
  • Demand generation manager
  • Communication and content manager
  • Social media manager
  • Link builder executive
  • Content executive

Average salary 

At the start, you will earn between £18,000 to £28,000. If you have good experience in management or executive positions, you will earn £25,000 to £36,000 annually.

Top in-house positions in London generally pay higher salaries for department heads positions; your salary would be around £47,000. On director-level jobs, the average salary is £130,000 annually.

Syllabus and modules

This course will help you build professional resilience in this digital world. It will help in your career up-gradation. You will gain sound knowledge and skills from the following syllabus and training modules:

  • SEO introduction
  • Web search introduction
  • Search engines understanding
  • Importance of search engine optimisation
  • Keyword research techniques
  • Content marketers tools
  • Writing the impressive title and meta tags 
  • Matching search algorithms
  • Developing and creating the right content
  • Link building (effective links building)
  • Blogging power (useful, relevant, and high-quality content)
  • Understanding local search
  • Knowledge of search engine crawler
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Target keywords learning
  • Search terms knowledge
  • Search queries skills
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Optimisation techniques learning
  • Checking the URL structure 
  • Understanding broken links
  • Backlinks gathering
  • Understanding internal links
  • Breadcrumbs 
  • Web ranking factors
  • Search listings

Work placement

The search engine optimisation training focuses on jobs because we design our programmes according to market skills demands and trends. 

While work placement, you will fully apply your knowledge and search engine optimisation concept directly on our live projects. We regularly review our processes, theories and then include them in our training course. Our high calibre digital marketing expert will help you at KBM.

We will provide you with learning materials via our student portal. Your tutor will help you with task completion. Further, KBM experts will also review your feedback and identify any learning gaps. 

The work experience placement will give you total confidence and improve your CV. Completing this search engine optimisation training will help you gain a dream job.

Learning outcome

You will become an SEO expert. Upon your course completion, you will effectively perform the following tasks:

  • Drive quality traffic to a websites
  • Helps customers find the website through relevant search engines
  • Build brand awareness and boost business with search engine rankings
  • Increasing market share and sales volume
  • Leads generation
  • Digital marketing effectiveness
  • Credibility boosting
  • Authority boosting
  • Improve user experience via web search rankings

Why KBM?

KBM is a full-service provider in digital marketing and delivery of search engine optimisation training. We are focusing on bridging academics and skills gaps; they are the centre of KBM delivery.

We help our trainees in work placement and jobs. Uniquely, we have 2500+ clients' organisations network. At completion, we place our trainees into employment and apprenticeships.

KBM is an advertising agency offering a wide range of services, having a dedicated marketing team. Further, you can benefit from our services, including:

  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • Marketing plan
  • Highly demanded social media marketing courses
  • Online social media courses 
  • Other marketing courses
  • Online digital marketing courses with work placement
  • Google digital marketing course
  • Online marketing courses
  • Search engine optimisation for boosting a business
  • Google squared online course

Support at KBM

We will help you with our dedicated services like:

  • One-to-one training sessions
  • Guaranteed work placement
  • Google class assistance
  • Regular job market awareness
  • Professional CV writing support
  • Interview preparation
  • References to employers
  • 100% practical hands-on training using various software, practices, exercises, and case studies
  • Practice on actual marketing campaigns
  • Regular performance reviews
  • Training support after course completion

Recently, we helped over 1000 digital marketing professionals in jobs and progression. You can be the next, and it will be perfect if you are not going to miss this great opportunity to start your digital marketing career straightaway.

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KBM is a perfect place to start if you are new to Digital Marketing. Tutors share some of the valuable information. I learned a lot about SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

Mihaela Dobrin

I've learned a lot from this course although it took time for me to finish because there is so much information presented in this course. The tutors are amazing they give very detailed explanation of all the topics and show you the step by step procedure to make sure you understand it. Thanks KBM and more power to you!

Hassan Ali

KBM is the best decision i took to utilise theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Highly Recommended!

Keti Traycheva

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