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Video Production Training with Work Placement

KBM Media Solutions is a specialist videos producer. We have the honour of massively preparing videos experts for both digital and electronic media. Our video production training is perfect for your career because it leads to various job opportunities in TV, film, social media, and digital marketing. You will learn the whole video production process, including the following:

  • The pre-production stage includes idea development and scriptwriting
  • The production stage is about actual shooting or recording the finalised script
  • The post-production stage provides video editing and project rendering

Video production is a broader subject because of its forms and fields. The videos have an audience for communication channels, including TV and the internet. Hence, video production is the most reliable way to spread a message to the masses.

The videos have various types and formats, ranging from the most common film to TV production. On the other hand, we make videos to gain specific goals like commercials, products, testimonial videos, events, etc.

Why learn video production?

It is a fact that people feel more excited while watching videos than other visual messages because it drives emotion and develops a better understanding.

Video production helps tell a story that catches the audience interest and impacts them positively, making people aware of the specific products and services. Hence, it is an effective medium to support you and your business, offline or via the internet. 

Course suitability

This practical training course is ideally suitable for the people who:

  • have an interest in creative design and digital media. 
  • want film and video editor career
  • has movies making interest 
  • are involved in the drama club 
  • want a video production job
  • want to work on a tight deadline and be creative. 
  • has an interest in video editing
  • has an interest in camera
  • has an interest in lighting and sound 

Jobs and progression

You will have many progression pathways in video production. At completion, you can pursue a career in various fields. The video production training and experience you will gain from KBM will help you find a dream job in film, TV, and digital marketing. You will become capable of performing various job roles, including:

  • Video producer
  • Video production assistant
  • Video editor
  • Content editor
  • Post-production coordinator
  • Junior editor
  • Social video editor
  • Live content video editor
  • Video content producer
  • Film producer
  • Junior video producer
  • Videographer
  • Content producer
  • VFX producer
  • Sound recordist
  • Videomaker

Course delivery and duration

KBM, keep your flexibility always at the top. You will complete the video production course in 60 hours in two months at your pace.

Average salary range

Depending on your experience and background, you can earn an average salary of £28,000 per annum. 

Video production training modules

  • Video production introduction
  • Video production types
  • Learning about camera equipment 
  • Media format learning
  • Rendering videos
  • Creative design tools learning like Canva and Adobe
  • Video production stages 
  • Video production processes
  • Setting up a video
  • Lighting and sound concepts
  • Camera operations learning
  • Lighting and audio recording learning
  • Editing software and tools introduction
  • Video production stages identification
  • Video production forms
  • Camera equipment selection
  • Professional editing software finalisation
  • Using creative design tools for graphics and visuals production

Alongside, we will also help you learn:

  • How to make best YouTube channels?
  • How to get a YouTube channel?
  • How to make a YouTube channel?
  • How to make my YouTube channel?
  • How to promote YouTube channel?
  • YouTube channel creation?
  • Skills on starting a YouTube channel?
  • Learning about YouTube channel ideas
  • Learning about creating a YouTube music channel

Video production training outcome

After your training and work placement at KBM, you will become competent to:

  • Create high-quality videos
  • Create impactful videos
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost online engagement
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Improve ranking on search engines
  • Influence audience opinions 
  • Influence audience behaviour

Why KBM?

We are helping students and professionals through practical work experience in video production. Our delivery team has a passion for bridging academics and skills gaps. On the other hand, KBM has 2500+ employers’ network to place and employ our students and professionals. We also help our students and professionals through our services like:

Alongside we will help you with our other services like:

  • 1:1 training sessions 
  • 100% practical hands-on training programme
  • Guaranteed work placement
  • Regular performance reviews for learning gaps identification
  • Job market awareness
  • CV writing and interview preparation
  • References for employers
  • Support after training programme completion

Choose KBM to learn video marketing leading towards your dream job in TV, film, or digital marketing.

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KBM is a perfect place to start if you are new to Digital Marketing. Tutors share some of the valuable information. I learned a lot about SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

Mihaela Dobrin

I've learned a lot from this course although it took time for me to finish because there is so much information presented in this course. The tutors are amazing they give very detailed explanation of all the topics and show you the step by step procedure to make sure you understand it. Thanks KBM and more power to you!

Hassan Ali

KBM is the best decision i took to utilise theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Highly Recommended!

Keti Traycheva

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