Video Production Training Course

Video Production Training with Work Placement

Video production is the process of creating a video. This production process includes various steps, which can be categorized in these three stages.

  1. Pre-production Stage (Idea development and script writing)
  2. Production Stage (Actual shooting/recording the finalised script)
  3. Post-Production Stage (Video editing and Rendering the project)

Video production varies in its forms and fields. All videos cater audiences on all major channels of communication, especially television and the internet. It is the most effective way of communicating and conveying a message to mass audience. There are different types of videos produced, they are all in different formats ranging from the most common one Film to TV production. There are several others that are produced to achieve specific objectives that may be commercial, event, product, testimonial videos etc.

Course: Video Production Training

Duration: 60 hours (2 Months)

Days: Flexible, self-paced learning

Delivery Method: Classroom & online options available

Fee: Call for more information (Govt. funding options available)

Content: Camera operation, Setting up equipment, Recording techniques, Lighting, Sound, Software training, Editing and Rendering.

Why Video Production?

Study indicates that people are more entertained through watching videos than other forms of visual messages. Simply, people are more likely to watch a video since it drives emotion and develops better understanding naturally.

Video production helps one to tell a story through videos that impacts and appeals the audience. It makes them feel aware of the product/service that is being shown to them. Therefore, it is crucial to know what video production is and what it can do to support you and your business, regardless what mediums you use. Whether Offline or through the internet.

However, it depends on the message and audience the video is targeted towards. So in video production, each particular message is directed to a certain targeted group of people.

Objectives of Video Production

  • Creating high quality and impactful videos
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost online engagement
  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Improve ranking on search engines
  • Influence audience’s opinions and behaviour

Essential Elements of Video Production

  • Identify video production stages
  • Different forms of video production
  • Selection of camera equipment
  • Familiarity with professional editing software
  • Lighting for video production & audio recording
  • Using creative design tools to produce graphics and visuals

Video production Module Content

  • Introduction to Video production
  • Stages and process of Video production
  • Different types of video production
  • Camera equipment and setting up
  • Concepts about lighting and sound
  • Camera operations, lighting and audio recording
  • Introduction to editing software and tools
  • Media format and rendering videos
  • Creative design tools: Canva and Adobe

For whom this training is intended for

This course is for individuals who have interest in creative design and digital media. Individuals wanting a career as a film and video editor. Students who have either shown an interest in movies or have been involved in the drama club in their high schools will find this career path interesting. Individuals wanting a career in video production need show great organizational skills, able to work on a tight deadline and be creative. Interests in video editing, camera, lighting and sound can factor in a video production career.

There are several career paths in video production. This career field relies on training, education and hands on experience in the work world. It requires technical skills such as camera equipment and experience in using editing software.  Individuals can pursue career in different fields with video production training and experience, commonly in Film & TV production and Digital marketing agencies.

Why KBM?

KBM Media Solutions are specialists in Digital Media, delivering the practical experience to bridge the gaps in academics. Our strong links with the top employers make it easier for us to place our learners into apprenticeships upon completion of their training. We are an advertising agency offering a wide array of services including graphic design, web development, social media marketing and search engine optimisation services

KBM has vast experience in digital skills training in the UK and Europe. We are specialists in preparing candidates for any level of digital marketing roles. Our strong links with top employers make it easier for us to place candidates into jobs straight after their training. In 2020, we successfully placed 819 candidates in jobs. You could be the next one.

Services Include:

  • One-to-one training sessions with digital skills professional
  • 100% practical hands-on training
  • Guaranteed work placement
  • Hands on training using various software, practices, exercises and case studies
  • Train by running real marketing campaigns
  • Regular performance reviews to identify learning gaps
  • Regular job market awareness sessions
  • Professional CV writing support
  • Interview preparation
  • References to employers
  • Post training support

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KBM is a perfect place to start if you are new to Digital Marketing. Tutors share some of the valuable information. I learned a lot about SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

Mihaela Dobrin

I've learned a lot from this course although it took time for me to finish because there is so much information presented in this course. The tutors are amazing they give very detailed explanation of all the topics and show you the step by step procedure to make sure you understand it. Thanks KBM and more power to you!

Hassan Ali

KBM is the best decision i took to utilise theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Highly Recommended!

Keti Traycheva

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