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YouTube Marketing with Work Placement

KBM Media Solutions has prepared thousands of competent professionals for digital marketing, social media marketing, video production, and the YouTube marketing field. Here you will find all the details of our YouTube marketing and work placement course.

YouTube video marketing

YouTube online marketing promotes products and services using the YouTube platform. You can upload your valuable video content on a YouTube channel or YouTube ads through the platform. 

You must be aware that the YouTube channel is the second-largest platform after Google digital marketing when it comes to significance. The YouTube channel is an ideal source of video marketing.

YouTube has over 2 billion users every month, where 68% of users make purchasing decisions. That is why the businesses have been doubling their promotion in YouTube advertising over the past two years.

Most businesses use YouTube to promote their brand, product, and services through the YouTube channel or video content marketing. YouTube is in demand everywhere due to the rise of content creation, social media platforms, video game streaming, music videos, monetisation options and video streaming.

YouTube marketing certification overview

KBM has a state of the art studio where you will learn videography, lighting, and sounds using your practical approach. You will learn about creating a YouTube channel, customer growth, and increasing users. The course includes:

  • YouTube marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Video description optimisation
  • Traffic sources
  • Video content creation
  • Video planning
  • Video shooting
  • Publishing videos

Course suitability

This course is ideal if you have some YouTube knowledge and want to gain confidence through practical skills using YouTube marketing in the business workplace. Alongside other social media marketing courses, it is perfect if you:

  • are studying A-levels
  • have a degree
  • are going to improve your YouTube Marketing career prospects
  • are a beginner new to YouTube Marketing
  • are digital marketers want to upskill yourself
  • are content producers in the workplace
  • a business owner 
  • are freelancers wish to promote yourself

The course also helps artists, models, singers, and brand owners develop their subscribers and viewers.  

Course duration and delivery

We always keep your flexibility at the top; the course is flexible and self-paced. You can quickly complete this course in 60 hours in two months. The funding option is also available at KBM. You can choose to study in a classroom, or you can use our online learning option. 

Job roles after YouTube certification

YouTube video marketing has a massive demand in this digital age. At completion, you will become capable of performing the following job roles:

  • Media planning director
  • Product marketing manager
  • YouTube manager
  • YouTube channel coordinator
  • YouTube and Facebook marketing manager
  • Media planning manager
  • Marketing executive (video)
  • YouTube TV operation manager
  • YouTube account manager
  • Product partnership manager
  • Associate media planner
  • YouTube specialist and video creator
  • YouTube trend producer
  • Creative strategist

Salary range

For junior-level jobs, you can earn between £18,000 and £24,000. A more experienced professional can earn between £28,000 and £40,000. 

Course content

You will learn all about creating impressive videos and drive users and viewers. We will provide you with skills and knowledge of measuring YouTube marketing strategy effectiveness with various analytics. You will use a variety of the latest tools, techniques and strategies. 

KBM will help you learn how to get ahead of your competitors, increasing YouTube channel growth and viewership. KBM will help you manage various YouTube marketing campaigns. The course will cover the following essential aspects:

  • YouTube introduction
  • YouTube content types
  • Learning video production skills like planning, videography, lightings and sounds
  • How to edit videos, including cut and link, colour grading, and exporting?
  • What are YouTube SEO strategies?
  • YouTube rules and regulations knowledge, affiliate ads, and sponsor ads
  • Social media marketing
  • How to get your YouTube channel among the best YouTube channels?
  • Presenting YouTube channel ideas
  • How to create my YouTube channel?
  • How to make a YouTube channel?
  • How to promote YouTube channel?
  • Starting a YouTube channel
  • What is YouTube advertising?
  • How to make a YouTube video?
  • How to get more views on YouTube?
  • How to get subscribers on YouTube?
  • How to promote a YouTube video?
  • What is video marketing?
  • What is a YouTube playlist?
  • Creating the best YouTube videos

Work placement

Our courses are job-focused; we design our programmes to meet the job market demands. KBM will provide you with an opportunity for work placement. It will help you practically apply your concepts to live campaigns. Our expert digital marketing team will assist you. The practical training while work placement will make you an expert capability of performing at the workplace effectively. It will upgrade your CV so you can easily find a dream job.

Why KBM?

KBM is a digital marketing and advertising agency. We offer a broad range of services like:

We are proud of helping thousands of individuals and businesses in digital transformation across the UK and Europe. KBM has recently helped:

  • 1000+ students and professionals through Erasmus+ funding for digital inclusion programme.
  • 1500+ students and professionals through Facebook funding for the Digital Skills Learning programme.
  • 100+ students and professionals through DFID/PSDF funding for the Skills for Jobs programme.
  • 250+ learners through BT funding for Skills for Tomorrow programme
  • 125+ learners through Google funding for the Make it Click programme.

Support services

Alongside your study, learning and training, we will help you through our dedicated services like:

  • Guaranteed work placement
  • One-to-one learning sessions
  • 100% practical hands-on training on various software, practices, exercises and case studies
  • Learning through actual marketing campaigns
  • Regular performance of learning gaps
  • Regular job market information sessions
  • CV preparation assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • References for employers
  • After training support

KBM has a 2500+ client network; it helps us place our candidates straight into jobs after their training completion. You can be the next one; choose KBM to learn YouTube marketing straightaway.

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KBM is a perfect place to start if you are new to Digital Marketing. Tutors share some of the valuable information. I learned a lot about SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

Mihaela Dobrin

I've learned a lot from this course although it took time for me to finish because there is so much information presented in this course. The tutors are amazing they give very detailed explanation of all the topics and show you the step by step procedure to make sure you understand it. Thanks KBM and more power to you!

Hassan Ali

KBM is the best decision i took to utilise theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Highly Recommended!

Keti Traycheva

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