Impact of Covid-19 on social media & what Marketers should aim for

Covid-19 went on to become a global event, the rate at which usage of social media increased was unparalleled. Considering the lockdown situations and social distancing around the world, this impacted the digital world. The “New-Normal”, where work from home and daily operations being handled from the comfort of your home was the world’s new turn towards adapting the pandemic situation. Part of the consumers started to spend less time in stores and outdoors in general. This was the time when marketers realised that their efforts in conventional marketing techniques would cause no effect as people started to spend less time outside.

According to Socialbakers, the worldwide average for Facebook ads reach increased by 30% in 2020 compared to 2019, with regional increases ranging from 12% to 96%. This is a significant metric to follow for marketers.

This significant change in trend means that since people started using social media more than usual. Marketers started to advertise on these platforms more meticulously.

“Big Data” on social media indicated that there was a rise in the use of online platforms. Marketers recognised this opportunity and went digital to exercise their marketing duties. As people felt a need, they would find the problem on social media, and businesses recognise the problem and provide them with the service/product to satisfy the need of the consumers. There are a number of reasons for this uptrend, one could be that businesses started to advertise or engage more on social media. A drastic change in consumer behaviour where social media audiences started to engage with online advertisement more. Both can be the reasons for increased advertising social media platforms.

Digital Media is a challenge for businesses as they have to ensure that the social media strategies they adopt are effective enough as the competition has increased on these mediums of communication. Covid-19 is the best time to utilise social media to advantage since it’s somewhat the only medium that will help businesses to bond, connect and interact with users and potential customers. However, trying to leverage social media to raise awareness about your brand can be a put-off. Instead businesses need to develop communication strategies that help bond with their audience. E.g. delivering helpful messages that resonate and associate with the audience, could be an advice, or a heart-warming post.

This increasing trend in the use of social media will only grow even after the restrictions are lifted, so businesses need to determine what would be the key elements for them to engage their audience after Covid-19 is over.

Create Value

Priority for businesses should be to create value for customers and not all product oriented. While it is important to be relevant and profitable, businesses can create value alongside their services. Provide them with helpful information and meaningful information that relates to your audience and attracts them in a longer run of things.


In these uncertain times, there has been major shifts with consumer behaviour being one of them. Businesses should learn and shift accordingly while maintaining consistency in content and to re-strategise their social media direction. This is the only way to survive in a digitally evolving world of social media.

Problem Solving

Consumers are always looking to solve their problems via social media. It is important for businesses on social media to be proactive and anticipate what the consumer would want next. Businesses that fail to understand their consumer lose out and risk losing their following. A good example of this would be IKEA; Their ad campaign “Reconnecting with Your Home During Quarantine”.

This campaign encourages people to stay at home and spend quality time with their family, cherishing moments they spend at home. It was a successful digital campaign that didn’t just capture hearts but was able to stay relevant by depicting furniture and their core product offering within the campaign.

Businesses that survive during the pandemic do so by being dynamic and agile to the situations as they unfold, providing services to their audience digitally via social media.

There is no question that social media provides a platform to build brands, sell, and market product and services. However this should not be the end goal of any business as consumers find more than just solutions in products and services. They look for comfort, reassurance and connections that can only be established if businesses understand what consumers are actually looking for.

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