Social Media and Website traffic:

Every business regardless of its nature and size wants to drive high website traffic. Why? Because increasing website traffic is an essential factor in determining the success of a business effort in attracting visitors to their website.

Marketers use all tactics from content creation to SEO (search engine optimisation) to increase traffic on their website. Despite many unknowns, that come from the impact of social media on SEO rankings. Although one thing is certain, the potential of referral traffic coming from social media platforms.

Whether you own a business online or run a personal blog, social media has high potential to impact traffic. The number of users on social media are expected to grow about to 4.5 billion by 2022, according to Finances Online. To learn more about social media visit

Considering there are over 3.0 Billion users on social media, there couldn’t be a better opportunity to utilise these numbers to achieve your business goals, Which in return can become a crucial element to digital growth. To learn more about digital growth visit

Social media is said to be an integral source of generating e-commerce traffic. Social media beats traditional media in driving traffic to your website. It provides ample opportunities to businesses to convert leads into sales.

A major positive about social media platforms is that it usually involves no cost and they are free. Yes, the time it takes to generate effective content and to engage users is quite significant. This means the competition on social media is very fierce. It’s the digital age and everyone’s competing for success on online platforms, mainly because of the rewards that wait for businesses.

There isn’t any real way around it so you need to make sure that before getting on any of these platforms, preparation is key. Choosing the right social media channel is entirely depended upon your website’s content type. Just to give you a perspective of how’d you prioritise and focus on specific social media platforms to generate relevant traffic and leads on your website. To learn more about leading traffic to your site visit

Things you may consider before selecting a social networking platform, if you’re focused on:

  • Consumer goods/Information based: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Business to Business (B2B) based: LinkedIn, Company portals etc.
  • Brand-building based: Visuals based platforms like Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram

There are plenty of factors on social media that may help in increasing traffic on website and reach higher sales.

4 Social Media tactics to boost traffic on your website

  1. Input website details on Social Media

The first thing that a user will see on your social media profile are your company details. Whether they it’s your Instagram bio, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile. Your social media profile tells exactly what you do.

Your profile is the best place to drop your company’s website link, and to make a great first impression because you’d make it easier for your visitors to navigate straight to your website without having to use a search engine. Resultantly, increasing website traffic.

Most importantly, including a website link on your social media increases a sense of brand credibility for users.

  1. Optimising your Social Media

Just like websites, optimising your social media is as important. Including the right keywords and phrases that would increase chances of your social media handles to be ranked on google. This not only drives more traffic to your social media but generates leads on your website. So Optimisation, is a key rule and a good SEO practise.

Some recommendations to optimise your social media profiles:

  1. Add branded cover images, featuring your products and services.
  2. Link all of your social media profiles to each other, this increases your brand presence.
  3. Optimise and share blogs posts on social media

Writing value-driven, information based optimised blog posts for your website is a good idea to drive traffic to your website and landing page.

However strategising it on your social media can increase your chances of being discovered more easily. Sharing blog posts on your profiles is a good idea to increase content and brand awareness. Spreading your written masterpiece and getting feedback from your audience on social media is a good idea to maximise engagement as well.

By using this method, you can successfully convert your social media audience to active website visitors.

  1. Focus on Visual Content more

It’s quite common for people to scroll down their social media feed and miss any useful information in the form of texts. This may happen to your brand as well.

What’s the solution? You can replace wordy and lengthy text content into creative form of images and videos. Why? Because images and video act as visual interpretations that are more engaging and appealing to most social media users.

They are easy to comprehend and to understand since they represent a story in the form of graphics.

To make your content more interesting, you always have the option to add:

  • Images
  • GIFs
  • Videos
  • Graphs
  • Animations
  • Infographics
  • Screenshots

Posting content that is interesting and engaging makes your brand shareable. Simply, your content gets more shared and users are more likely to visit your social media and ultimately your website.

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